I initiated by Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA), SGQR was launched in September 2018.

What is SGQR?

SGQR is a single QR code that combines multiple e-payment solutions into one. Under the SGQR label, all QR payment options accepted by the merchant will be shown.

Whats in for your businesses in adopting SGQR?

SGQR is an cashless initiative by MAS to drive Singapore mobile payments and transform Singapore into a cash-light society, by encouraging Singaporeans to reduce the use of cash. This could help merchants improve efficiency on their daily operations such as reducing checkout time, the need of counting cash and easier financial management.

With SGQR, it helps to integrate multiple QR code payment solutions onto 1 single QR code, saving space for your store front while adopting a wide range of mobile payment modes for local and oversea consumers.

FOMO Pay's Unique Solution

FOMO Pay is a one-stop QR code payment solution provider, offering a wide range of QR code payment for businesses such as WeChat Pay, Nets QR, Singtel Dash, UnionPay, Grab Pay and many more, as well as value-added services from data analytics to settlement management. Our award winning innovative solution is trusted by MNCs and SME from all over South-East Asia.

Save Time
FOMO Pay's all-in-one QR code payment management solution, we are able to help merchants adopt a wide range of payment solutions within days, instead of weeks processing multiple individual applications.

Financial Management at your Fingertips
All settlement and payment issue can now be managed using FOMO Pay's solution, allowing a one-stop portal to all your issues. Merchants also can tap onto FOMO Pay platform to effectively manage their financial data from different payment provider, effectively enhancing efficiency for their businesses.

Shorten operation processes
Our intergrated solution can be tapped upon, allowing checking of transactions and void to be processed in seconds. Settlement of multiple payment solution can also be done within seconds, allowing more time for your cashier to manage the customers.

SGQR latest news:

Universal SGQR code to replace others within six months

Thousands of QR codes will be replaced with SGQR labels starting this month, with the new universal sticker showing the QR payment options that the merchant accepts. The replacement exercise, beginning with merchants in the CBD, will be completed over the next six months.

Universal QR code SGQR ready for commercial use

Dubbed SGQR, the national QR code system will allow customers to choose from a host of e-payment solutions such as GrabPay, Dash and Nets, and enable businesses to accept them. Meanwhile, merchants will also be freed from the chore of displaying multiple QR codes.

Singapore rolls out unified payment QR code SGQR in latest cashless push

SGQR was launched by MAS & IMDA after the set-up of an industry task force last August to look at developing a common QR code for the fragmented e-payment landscape in Singapore.

Singapore launches unified payment QR code, said to be world's first

Singapore unveiled the first-of-its-kind unified payment QR code on Monday, in an announcement by the MAS & IMDA. Will be deployed progressively over the next 6 months.

Universal SGQR code for cashless payments, interbank fund transfer system to be opened to non-banks

A universal QR code was launched on Sept 17 to free merchants from the need to display multiple QR codes to accept different cashless payment schemes. Dubbed SGQR, the national QR code allows consumers to scan and transfer funds from as many as 27 e-payment apps, including GrabPay, Dash and Nets.

Singapore Introduces World’s First Unified Payment QR Code – SGQR

The Singapore Quick Response Code (SGQR) was officially launched by Mr Ong Ye Kung, Minister for Education and MAS Board Member today. The first of its kind globally, SGQR combines multiple payment QR codes into a single SGQR label, making QR code-based mobile payments simple for both consumers and merchants.

FOMO Pay selected to join national SGQR taskforce to develop Singapore’s payment industry

FOMO Pay was invited to join SGQR taskforce in developing a common QR code payment solution for Singapore. With FOMO Pay's extensive experience in integrating WeChat & Alipay into their system, they are confident in helping Singapore in going Cashless.

(Launch of common QR code payment - SGQR)

(SGQR was launched island-wide today, which accepts a wide range of mobile payment that consumer can scan.)

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