FOMO Pay Partners Fiserv to Provide QR Code Payment Solution to its Merchants

FOMO Pay Partners Fiserv to Provide QR Code Payment Solution to its Merchants
  • 18 Dec 2019

Singapore-based FOMO Pay will be providing its award-winning QR code payment solution to merchants of Fiserv, previously known as First Data Corporation.


FOMO Pay, Singapore-based Quick Response (QR) payment processing platform, is partnering US-headquartered Fiserv (NASDAQ: FISV) to provide its award-winning QR code payments solution to Firserv’s merchant network across Singapore. Fiserv was previously known as First Data Corporation.

This partnership will allow Fiserv to tap on FOMO Pay’s technology to include QR code payment for its merchants. Consequently, FOMO Pay will be able to leverage upon Firserv’s network of Singapore merchants and extend its solution. By partnering with FOMO Pay, this strategic collaboration is an effort to drive Singapore as an inclusive cashless society.

Commenting on the partnership, Louis Liu, CEO and Founder of FOMO Pay, said, “QR code payments have gained traction over the last year, aided by the launch of SGQR that consolidates various QR codes into one single unified interface. As of September 2019, more than 32,000 SGQR codes have been deployed across a range of retail and F&B merchants[1]. As QR code payments become increasingly mainstream, we expect more merchants who will require a reliable payment processing platform. We are excited to collaborate with a global leader like Fiserv to offer our payment solution to their merchant network. This partnership is also a testament and recognition of our continuous efforts to drive a cashless society.”

Founded in 2015, Singapore-based FOMO Pay is a one-stop mobile payment aggregator that helps both online and offline merchants connect to different mobile wallets and credit cards through QR Payment solution. The digital payment processing platform enables merchants and financial institutions to accept a full suite of digital payments across several regions including Southeast Asia, Africa, Middle East and Latin America.



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