FOMO Pay In-Store Payment Solution

Advanced Security

We keep your business and customers' information safe. With automatic fraud screening, 24-hour transaction monitoring and our protection policies, we’ve got you covered.

Choose Your Terminal

You can use our customized standalone POS. intergrate our solution to your existing POS, or install our FREE App.

Master Account Sub-Accounts

Set up a master account, manage all your stores and share limited information to each particular department using sub-accounts

Lowest Pricing* No Hidden Fees

No setup fee, no management fee, and probably the lowest processing rate (T&C applies). Best rates for your desired settlement currency.

Powerful Real-time Transaction Monitoring System

Real-time reporting*

Get the transaction insights you need anytime you want and anywhere you want. Refund can be done via backend system as well.

Know where you stand

We make it easy to track your transactions so that you know what to expect and most importantly understand your customers.

Settlement and transaction summary

Pull transactions processed in each batch, categorized by payment method.

Advanced transaction search

Filter by card type, created date, settled date, and more.

Sub-accounts for your team

Under master account, you can create sub-accounts for members in your team with limited access for their needs.

FOMO Pay In-Store Payment Solution

Choose the way to accept payment in-store, we offer FREE moblie application, standalone POS machine and intergration with your existing POS machines.

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FAQs on Application Procedure

Can I change my email address?
Yes, you can change email address when you login.
How can I change password?
You can login with your POS ID or gateway ID and select account settings to change your password.
I forget my login password, how can I reset ?
Please contact us to reset the password.
Do I have to provide all the information ?
Yes, all information on our application form is needed.
How long is the verification process?
Within one week.
I missed the verification call, what can I do?
Please call us back.
How can I update company information?
Please contact us for changing of company information.
Please contact us for more information on integration.

We provide more than payment solution

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