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August 14, 2017

Alipay vs WeChat Pay – A scramble for overseas markets

Alipay vs WeChat Pay – A scramble for overseas markets We are all too familiar with the ‘David vs Goliath’ allegory. However, where the clash is between two companies controlling more than 92% of an 18.8 trillion yuan (S$3.84 trillion as at time of writing) mobile payments market in Q1 2017, it becomes more of a ‘Goliath vs Goliath’ type of situation. Despite their market dominance, both WeChat Pay and Alipay are not content with the status quo. Instead, they have been increasingly rolling out new measures through dishing out a slew of incentives (e.g. cash rebates and free bus […]
August 10, 2017

Reaching out to Chinese customers through WeChat: The Success Stories of Two Singaporean Restaurateurs

Reaching out to Chinese customers through WeChat: The Success Stories of Two Singaporean Restaurateurs Having grown up in a predominantly English-speaking environment for most of their lives, and being taught school subjects in English, it is no surprise that most younger Singaporeans have grown accustomed to using English as a medium of communication with those around them. Consequently, it is no secret that many Chinese Singaporeans have become less confident of their abilities in the Chinese language. On the other hand, WeChat is an app that emerged from the Chinese market. Therefore, using WeChat effectively would presumably require a certain […]
August 9, 2017

DBS introduces QR code payment for taxis in Singapore

DBS introduces QR code payment for taxis in Singapore From July 27, commuters can pay for their taxi rides through a simple scan of the QR code on the taxi’s cashless payment terminal via the DBS PayLah app. This is available on all 16,000 ComfortDelGro taxis in Singapore. No credit or debit cards are required for the transaction. Launched in 2014, DBS PayLah is a mobile app that functions as a mobile wallet and is Singapore’s leading mobile wallet at 600,000 users. Users have to top up funds into their account in DBS PayLah in order to use it. The […]
August 7, 2017

A cashless day with WeChat Pay

WeChat Pay Cashless Day While using money to barter for goods and services has long been a practice for humans engaging in trade, the use of paper bills only first came about during the Tang Dynasty (A.D. 618 – 907) in China. Since then, using paper bills have become the norm across humanity and one cannot imagine a world without the use of such bills. But is that really so? A journalist from Channelnewsasia, one of Singapore’s leading media news outlet, recently embarked on an experiment in China. He was to try going around without cash for one entire day […]
August 3, 2017

FOMO Pay enters into strategic partnership with China Telecom to bring BestPay into Singapore

On 29 July 2017, representatives from China Telecom’s BestPay and FOMO Pay met at the Tianyi Intelligent Ecological Expo where they signed a cooperation agreement, officially announcing the entry of BestPay into Singapore. This is yet another exciting step towards bringing the convenience of WeChat Pay to users in Singapore. Under this strategic partnership, FOMO Pay will help to incorporate China Telecom BestPay’s payment solutions into the shopfronts of various local merchants and retailers. Known in China as one of the three largest telecommunications provider, China Telecom boasts a network of 1.1 million stores spread all over the country and […]
July 31, 2017

How is WeChat Pay doing in Japan?

What is WeChat Pay doing in Japan? More than 6.37 million Chinese tourists travelled to Japan in 2016, making up ¼ of Japan’s total foreign tourists, according to an article from PC Online. More and more Japanese business owners have integrated mobile payment services popular in China, such as WeChat Pay and Alipay, into their payment systems in order to attract more Chinese consumers. Increased adoption of WeChat Pay amongst Japanese businesses On 3 July, Don Quijote, one of Japan’s most popular discount chain store, announced that they will accept WeChat Pay, thus becoming the world’s 100th WeChat Pay flagship […]