Nübox now accepts WeChat Pay payment mode

Amidst the growing hype around the release of the iPhone 8 in Singapore, Nübox has officially announced that it would now be accepting payments via both WeChat Pay and Alipay. This means you can now purchase a wide range of Apple products using a variety of payment modes including WeChat Pay, Alipay and, as you have guessed it, Apple Pay.

For the unfamiliar, Nübox is a certified Apple reseller with nine shops all across Singapore. Until mid-2017 when the first Apple Store opened in Singapore, Nübox and fellow reseller EpiCentre were the closest that Apple fans can get to experiencing the aesthetically pleasing white interior that have become emblematic of Apple stores worldwide. Nonetheless, Nübox remains the leading Apple reseller and has become the go-to destination for people in the market for Apple products.

Renowned for their high level of customer care and expertise, Nübox goes far beyond being a mere reseller of Apple products. Customers are frequently offered training workshops to get the most out of their Apple products. In-store demonstrations are regularly arranged to allow customers to test-drive the latest Apple products for themselves. For those with old unwanted Apple products and are unable to sell it off themselves, Nübox also buys these products back at a reasonable price. Through its efforts and Apple’s pioneering products, Nübox has been able to amass an ardent fan base here in Singapore.

With Nübox the latest to accept mobile payments, the digital revolution movement looks set to receive another massive boost. While it may appear contradictory for Nübox to accept WeChat Pay given that it already utilises Apple Pay, this move can be seen in the larger context of the industry’s shift towards widespread acceptance of mobile payments. This can also be seen in China where Apple recently announced that its app store and music streaming service has begun to accept WeChat Pay.

Regardless of the reason, the decision to accept WeChat Pay will undoubtedly benefit consumers. As avid fans of the iPhone, consumers will be glad that going to Nübox to buy the latest iPhone would no longer entail bringing a large stack of cash. Instead, buying your favourite Apple products will only be a few quick taps away. Head down to the nearest Nübox store to get the latest Apple products here.

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