Yue Hwa Singapore Accept WeChat Pay Provided by FOMO

Yue Hwa Singapore Accept WeChat Pay Provided by FOMO
  • 15 Sep 2017

When one thinks about traditional Chinese commodities, products such as Chinese tea, silk, cheongsams, jade and antiques immediately spring to mind. Yue Hwa Singapore, a leading Chinese departmental store chain, specialises in bringing those coveted items onto the shores of Singapore and now accepts payments through both WeChat Pay and Alipay.

Established in Hong Kong in 1959, Yue Hwa has become a brand name associated with quality and affordability. Through sheer grit and determination, the company grew from a single small-sized department store into an extensive international network of stores located in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Interestingly, the building in which Yue Hwa’s flagship store is located forms an indelible part of Singapore’s history, which has won URA’s Architectural Heritage Award in 1997. In 1993, Yue Hwa Chairman and Managing Director, Mr Yu Kwok Chun, bought over what was then known as the Great Southern Hotel and refurnished it into Yue Hwa Chinese Products department store. The previous Great Southern Hotel was built in 1936 and was, at that time, the first Chinese hotel in Singapore to have a lift. The hotel subsequently became very popular amongst locals and travelers, who found it fashionable to patronize the building’s shops and cabarets. As was described by the Straits Times, these cabarets imitated China’s famous Peking Palace and incorporated ornate colored carvings of birds and animals of Chinese mythology. Chinese operas were also frequently staged at the building.

Although the days of glittery cabarets may have passed, Chinese traditions that were the hallmark of the building have withstood the test of time. Now, one can stroll around in Yue Hwa’s departmental store and browse through the exquisite Chinese items on display, including Chinese medicinal herbs like cordyceps, raw ginseng and birds’ nests. While Yue Hwa’s business line deals with time-honored traditions, the company has proven itself capable of adapting to changing times. By riding on the flood of new payment options such as WeChat Pay and Alipay, the company is ensuring it does not miss out on the wave of tourists and locals choosing to pay through their WeChat payment app. Yue Hwa’s service vision is to make our shopper feel indulge in enjoyable remembrance of the Chinese tradition. With WeChat Pay available in stores, Yue Hwa brings its products closer to customers, especially for those who appreciate the culture, and for the younger ones to experience it.

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