WeChat Pay 微信支付 Now Supports Payment Collection for Retailers in Singapore

You may have heard of WeChat, but did you know that it is much more than just a messaging app?

Amongst the many other services offered, one of its most popular feature is WeChat Pay – a mobile payment service that allows WeChat users to pay by simply scanning a QR code generated by the app. A survey by Tencent in August 2015 revealed that 68.8% of Chinese people use their mobile devices offline for payments.

WeChat Pay is available in more than 20 countries, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, Europe, and now – it has finally launched in Singapore, to the excitement of local retailers who are seeking to attract Chinese tourists.

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Singapore Business Owners: Here are 3 Reasons to Adopt WeChat Pay 微信支付

1. Chinese Tourists are known to be Big Spenders

In fact, Chinese tourists spend the most in Singapore, compared to tourists from other nationalists. According to the Singapore Tourism Board Tourism Sector Performance Report for Q3 2015, China is the top Tourism Receipts generating market (S$789 million).

In the past, Chinese tourists had to exchange money before purchasing goods and services from local retailers. With WeChat Pay, customers can pay in RenMinBi while local retailers can collect payment Singapore Dollars, reducing the hassle involved and inducing spending.

2. WeChat Pay has a Lower Transaction Fee Than Visa/ Mastercard

Currently, WeChat Pay has the lowest transaction rate of 1.35-1.7% as compared to Visa and Mastercard (2.3-3% depending on monthly transaction volume for offline POS), allowing you to earn more profits. Merchants will also have access to an online transaction portal, which updates in real time.

3. Capture Market Share with a First Mover Advantage

As this launch is relatively new, local retailers can stand out from competitors with the adoption of WeChat Pay. WeChat Pay is brought to Singapore by FOMO Pay, the first authorized WeChat Pay partner in Southeast Asia and the ONLY company in Singapore that offers this payment option local retailers.

If you wish to include WeChat Pay into your list of online or offline payment methods or find out more, just email: enquiry@fomopay.com

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